Is plastic free enough?


The world is gradually waking up to the dangers of plastic waste and many households are making efforts to be more aware and to reduce the amount of plastic they are using. Here at HeppyDesigns we get so excited when we see this in action and love to hear statistics about plastic reduction, however we know that it is not enough to save our planet. If we continue with our current behaviours the world will run out of clean, safe water by 2040. The Paris Agreement has given guidelines to the participating countries to reduce their water impact and reverse some of the damage already done to our water systems, but we can also make some really simple everyday changes that will help too.

The independent journalists at have done a lot of research into the effects of our household and personal cleaning routines on available water resources, they have found that Phosphates found in mass produced soaps, laundry and dishwasher detergents have a fertilising effect, triggering the widespread growth of algae that saps away the water’s oxygen, reducing biodiversity. This is because sewage plants can only remove around 30% of the phosphates from waste, estimates that 90.7million and 226.8million kilograms of phosphates are added into waterways each year in America alone. This damage to the water system not only reduces the amount of clean, safe water available but also the ability for life to breed within it reducing quantities of food available for us. But it is not all doom and gloom, there are some simple changes we can make to reduce our households impact….

  • We can make our own natural cleaners with ingredients like baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar
  • We can make really simple laundry detergent by hunting out conkers, its free and works great (keep an eye out for our recipe coming soon)
  • There are products on the market available without phosphates that clean just as well (some even better!) that we can buy instead
  • We can reduce the amount of make-up and perfumes we use (embrace your natural beauty)

Here at Heppy Designs we offer a range of cleaning sprays made from only natural, non-polluting ingredients and fizzing toilet bombs that leave your bowl sparkling without causing further damage.


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