Heppy Designs is a family run business dedicated to making affordable, sustainable products whilst raising essential funds for a selection of charities.

We have a wide range of not-for-profit products that benefit local charities supporting people or the environment

Bath Bombs

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For children

Great products for children to enjoy. These products make bathtime fun whislt caring for delicate skin and protecting our precious environment

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Hi, I´m Rachel, better known as Heppy to those friends that have been around for a while.

Heppy Designs started as a hobby in our kitchen in the North of Madrid in 2018 and quickly overpsilled into our storage room, spare room and garage.... Today we have a dedicated workshop where I love to experiment with new products and recipes to have alongside the original hand made soaps. My dream was to create everyday products that had as minimal a carbon footprint as possible, whilst not costing the earth to buy. We have kept the packaging simple and sustainable and, where possible, keep our ingredients, natural, organic and locally sourced.

I really hope you enjoy browsing the products on offer and would love to hear any suggestions of other items you´d like to see added.

I just received my order from Heppy Designs, the smells are amazing and it is all beautifully wrapped

Claire, Madrid

Thank you Heppy Designs for the lovely childrens bath soaps we used as party favors this weekend, the service was great and all the kids were happy

Susan, Madrid

I love how good my hair feels and looks with Heppy Designs shampoo and I love that it is eco friendly

Alison, London